Elitch Gardens A Must Visit

Elitch Gardens

Among the most extravagant theme parks in Denver is the Elitch Gardens as has been the topmost summer destination of residents of Denver for more than a century. Earlier it was started in 1890 as a zoo and resort, and now it has developed into a delightful attraction with more than 50 entertainment options and rides that suit all ages. Located in Denver’s heart, the Elitch Gardens celebrate its pure fun of 130 years. The Garden is the only state of the art world-class combination Water Park and theme park in Colorado. The park remains open in the month of May till October. Guests discover various reasons for visiting Elitch Park, from cool water slides and hottest rides, 15 KiddieLand sites, Dive-in Movie theaters, along with extreme thrills at your seat’s verge.

Rejoicing with Elitch Amusement Park

The rides in the theme park never disappoint adrenaline junkies! The park is equipped with high-octane thrilling rides like Mind Eraser which has a reputation for living up to its name. The power-packed roller coaster suspends you from the track with dangling legs and throws you spinning around with a double corkscrew at more than 80 mph speed.

Roller coaster enthusiasts also shouldn’t miss on Tower of Doom, which is a free-fall ride of more than 60-meter height, along with the famous Sling Shot ride, which launches you in the air at high speeds of around 130 km.

The amusement park also has many great ride options for families that are slow but still amuse visitors. Visitors can also explore Ghost Blasters’ haunted house for hunting down creepy ghouls or taking skies with Dragonwing. Also, you’ll notice lots of conventional fairground rides such as a giant Ferris wheel and popular Tea Cups spinning.

Celebrate Halloween spirit with terrifying Fright Fest haunted houses, exciting costume contests along with ghoulish activities: fright by the night and family by the day.

Fun activities at Elitch Water Park

Besides theme parks, people also get Water Park, which is great for getting cooled down in hot summer months. 12 different rides also cater well to different ages, and provide everything like the Acapulco Cliff Dive, free-fall 20-meter slide, and the gentle Castaway Creek, for gloating along with inflatable tube with waterfalls, water bubbles, and dodging geysers.

Along with the rides, many arcades are there that feature funfair charming amusements. You can try aiming with Ring Toss or can knock cans in the Alley of Tin Can.

Visitors can relax in different restaurants, food stalls, cafes that are available on-site, along with a beer garden for people who are in the mood for something stronger. The entire day’s entertainment gets taken care of.

Both Water Park and Theme Park are included in the ticket’s price. The parks are also open between October and May, but you can look at the website for dates and opening times. Bus routes and rail services stop near the entrance.

Theme Park provides free Water Park admission to Water Park from Memorial day weekend through Labor Day. There are two parks, with the price of single admission and unlimited rides for people in the family. Elitch Gardens Colorado is a must-visit destination.

Elitch is all refreshing aquatic rides, enthralling shows, and thrilling rides. Most of this is available in the form of two parks and you only need to pay for one. With Elitch Gardens, you offer your family a much-required escape at the best garden theme along with Water Park.

History of Elitch Garden

Elitch Gardens affect the lives of many people in Colorado and imparted them with sweet memories. Additionally to just an amusement park, Elitch Gardens were also:

  • Among the very first zoos in West Chicago
  • First orchestra in Denver
  • First Botanical garden
  • First Museum of Children with the activity center
  • This was the first site of the motion picture in Denver and was home of Trocadero Ballroom.

Park Operating Time and Rules

Opening of water Elitch Water Park depends mostly on weather conditions and temperature.

  • Memorial is open from weekend to Labor Day weekend.
  • The parks timings show timings, and the opening schedule can be changed without notice
  • Any responsible party over 18 or an adult guardian must be present with a minor for getting entry to the park/re-entry post 6:00 pm.


Interested travelers can easily reach Elitch Gardens by car or even foot, as it is located downtown and can be reached conveniently. The park has its own light rail station right off the I-25 exit 212A Speer Blvd S. Find out more about RME Roofers Denver.