Denver Botanical Garden

Denver Botanical Garden

In the state of Colorado, right in the city of Denver, there is a magical and beautiful place that you should not miss, it is a natural space, it is a favorite among locals and tourists for its particular beauty. You can find it on 909 York Street just inside Cheesman Park. And if we talk about the Denver Botanical Garden, this place works as a greenhouse with about 9.25 hectares of land, it opened in 1951, and is on the list of the most famous places in the city. this place is interesting for its 40 special gardens, each one has a theme. in which you will have the opportunity to see different species of plants and from different parts of the country and other countries in the world.

With its beautiful garden grounds, the Denver Botanic Gardens is perfect, as this state is known for its beautiful views and natural landscapes. It has a variety of gardens set in Asian countries and other gardens that display beautiful flowers such as irises. In this place, you will be able to appreciate how beautiful nature gives us and it is that without a doubt this is what most captivates its visitors. Since it transmits peace and a beautiful experience when they visit it.

What to see in the Denver Botanic Gardens

The gardens are divided into 5 zones:

Gardens of the West: this place is the regional plant of the climate, this garden shows from cacti to species such as the dwarf conifer.

Internationally inspired gardens: Despite the differences, traditional plants that come from other countries are born and developed here without any problem. Here you can find a beautiful Japanese garden with beautiful flowers and species brought from this region.

Ornamental gardens: this section is home to a sensory garden that allows you the experience of relating to nature and the plants that inhabit here. Also, you will find the Victorian garden with plants that have an appearance that will make you feel like you are on a tropical island getaway.

Shady Gardens – These gardens are perfect to visit in early fall. Take advantage of a walk and visit this beautiful route seeing the dimly lit plants that live on the floor of this forest.

Aquatic gardens: as its name implies, this section is specialized in aquatic plants, which are full of colors and harmony. Enjoy water lilies and other types of plants.

Find your experience in the gardens:

This place offers you maps at the entrance to be able to be located and plan which regions of the gardens to visit. It is also possible to get and download the map in its digital version which you can have at your fingertips. But you can always book a guided tour by members of the Denver Botanic Gardens from April-September. You only have to reserve a specific day and time.

Activities and events according to the season:

The Botanic Gardens offers you special activities for an additional payment at the entrance. These range from flower and plant displays to a visit to the Corn Maze. You can also get the experience of seeing the art sculptures. You should always make sure on the website which activities are available according to the season in which you are going to visit this place.

Parking issues at the Denver Botanic Gardens:

Parking to visit the Botanic Gardens in the city of Denver becomes somewhat complicated since this parking is free for a couple of hours. Please note that RVs or vans are not allowed in this parking lot. But if your means of transport is a bicycle you can rest assured, this place is accessible for those people who ride on two wheels.

Tickets purchase:

Tickets to access and visit the Denver Botanic Gardens can be purchased online on its official website or through CityPass. Which this page offers you promotions with discounts to the main points of interest in the city of Denver.

If you are a lover of nature and this type of place and you want to escape the chaos of the city. This place is perfect for you and your family. Since it is a spacious, quiet place and encourages the value that we must have for our planet. Find out More about RME Roofers Denver.