Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

This beautiful and modern architectural place fascinates the locals and the travelers. This museum has an extensive world art exhibition, has rotating exhibits, interesting talks, and lectures. There is much to see and do in this place according to your preference. To be able to visit this place, you should allocate at least half a day of your itinerary to get to know it well and enjoy its benefits.

Collections that you will find in the Denver Art Museum

As we said before, some exhibitions are constantly changing, but in addition to that, it has 14 unique collections of art and objects that come from all over the world. You must have a rhythm and plan because there are more than 70,000 pieces, you will need planning to be able to see everything and live the experience that the museum offers you completely.

  1. Architecture, Design, and Graphics: here you can see architectural drawings, posters from the rock ‘n’ roll era, and series, plus there is a collection of silver and chairs created by different artists with original designs that influence the design of furniture today.
  2. American Indian art: here you will find those artistic tribal objects created a thousand years ago. Here are practical all the tribes of America and the entire continent, so you will learn how each tribe has its artistic expressions with the help of different means.
  3. Art and Textile Fashion: here you will find ancient fabrics to the most modern fiber. There are 5,000 pieces in this museum exhibit. Here you will find accessories from china, tunics from the Qing dynasty, and garments made in the time of Leonardo da Vinci. There is also a collection of bedspreads with more than 300 traditional ones.
  4. Pre-Columbian art: when America was discovered, there were residents, discover the wonders of objects created in jade, gold, ceramics, and fabrics made by the cultures of South, Central, and Mesoamerica.
  5. Modern and Contemporary Art: This place contains approximately 12,000 pieces of art ranging from 1900 to the present day. Here you will find works by Picasso, Warhol, Matisse, and O’Keeffe.
  6. Photography: For photography hobbyists and novices alike, this section will serve as inspiration for its extensive collection of 19th-century images, which were taken from the American West.
  7. Spanish colonial art: this collection is dedicated to the peoples of South America, Central America, and the south-west of the country, which was conquered by the Spanish. This art spans a total of 300 years and has a variety of themes and styles that will captivate you.
  8. Asian Art: Here are the works of art that survived thousands of years, demonstrating the power of Asian culture since ancient times.
  9. Ocean Art – Marvel at the variety of historic wood carvings and engravings by Polynesian artisans. As well as those modern artists like Sakale and Kauage.
  10. Petrie Institute for American Western Art: Here are approximately 200 years of Western art, which comes to life in this collection with cultures, paintings, and art on paper.
  11. African art: in this famous exhibition you will find the art treasures of the African continent, from fabrics, jewelry, paintings, prints, and more. Since ancient times and today.
  12. European and American art: here are presented artists as famous and revered as Claude Monet, Homer, and Pissarro, in this collection you will be surprised by the prodigious masters whose works of art are exhibited in this place you will find classic European art from before from 1900 and United States art from before 1945. Here is the Berger Collection, a selection of works, ranging from medieval dates.

Denver Art Museum ticket prices

You can buy tickets to the Denver art museum. You can do it on its official website or directly at the museum’s ticket offices. You must be aware because if you are a resident of Colorado the entrance is cheaper. Or you can save a little by purchasing the CityPass, which will allow you to buy tickets at other attractions in the city saving 38%.

Denver Art Museum parking lot

The Museum is a very popular and visited place, so it is important where to park before arriving. You find this place on Broadway and Bannock streets. You may be able to park nearby if you can’t find a place in the museum parking lot. Find out more about RME Roofers Denver.